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    About Us

    Information About our Company

    The paint industry in Pakistan performs both in the organized as well as the disorganized areas. There are around 24 paint producing units in the organized sector. There are FOUR multinational companies also in the organizational sector. The data concerning the number of units and the development of the unorganized sector is not available; therefore it is challenging to determine the total production and selection of units of the paint industry.

    According to an estimate, over 350 units producing paints and varnishes are working in the unorganized sector. Many of them are also not covered under the excise net in the someway as the organized sector and therefore, are in a better position to compete in the regional market.


    Vision Statement

    To provide better quality of services and recognizing the needs of our customers.

    Mission Statement

    We are committed to provide large amount of decorative paints production supply and services to fulfil the needs of our customers’ requirement..


    PAKAIMS CHEMICALS IND started manufacturing paints 22 years back. At that time the name of the company was Pakaims Chemicals. In 2003 the name Pakaims Chemicals Ind. was added for production of Road Marking Paint in PAKISTAN.