Industrial Paints

PAKAIMS 2 Pack Zinc Phosphate Primer

This coating is suitable as a sealant for numerous surfaces and shows excellent resistance to water,oils,solvents,dilute acids, alkali, bleaches and other aggressive chemicals. It is widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, operation theaters, ceramics and factories, chemical plants, warehouses and workshops.

PAKAIMS Brilliant Chrome Aluminium Paint

A flexible oil based abrasive resistant top coat that is fast drying especially designed for creating penetrating filling coat especially wood based substrate. It is also used as water proofing application and at times enhancing gloss and glow of the final coat.

Synthetic Clear Varnish

A superior blend based solvent for all nitrocellulose based coatings. A fast evaporating solvent environment friendly solvent that enhances gloss and surface levelling. Thinner 1512 optimizes drying time to give you more smoother surfaces and gets you ready for the next coat if you building body on the surface to make-up for surface faults.

Air Drying Hammer Finish

  • Features:
  • Decorative protective coating
  • Producing a variety of hammer tone effects
  • Good interior and exterior durability
  • Widely used for steel almirahs, toys, electrical appliances, optical instruments Extensively used for decorative articles


A decorative protective coating producing a variety of hammer tone effects, depending upon technique of application. It abrasion resistance have good interior and exterior durability


It is being widely used on preference for steel almirahs, toys, electrical appliances, optical instruments and for decorative articles.

Heat Resisting Aluminum

  • Features:
  • Applied on all steel structures
  • Resists indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Provides excellent protection to underlying surfaces


Prism Heat Resisting Paint is directly applied on all steel structures exposed to continuous temperature up to 500 F.H. Resists indoor and outdoor temperature. Provides excellent protection to underlying surfaces.


Suitable for use on Chimney’s Furnace Door, Heat exchangers, Rotary Kin, Hot piping, mufflers and exhaust etc. and steel structures exposed to high temperatures ranging up to 500-600 F.H.

Chlonirated Rubber Paint

  • Features:
  • Protective finish
  • Applied on the surfaces where protection required


Prism Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a protective finish and applied on the surfaces where protection against chemicals, damp and mould is required.


Chemical plants, laboratories, marine installations, nuclear plants, hospitals, paper and sugar mills etc. can be applied on wood, steel, plaster, concrete and brickwork.